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The Handara Cup 2018


Handara Golf & Resort, Bali


Hard Court


June 20 - 27, 2018

Entry Levels

  • Handara Cup - Team Event
  • Men Singles - Amateur
  • Men Singles - Open
  • Women Singles - Amateur
  • Women Singles - Open


The Handara Cup - Champion Team 2018: Rp. 3,000,000

The Handara Cup - Runner-Up Team 2018: Rp. 1,000,000

The Handara Amateur Men Singles Champion: Rp. 1,000,000

The Handara Amateur Men Singles Runner-Up: Rp. 500,000

The Handara Amateur Women Singles Champion: Rp. 1,000,000

The Handara Amateur Women Singles Runner-Up: Rp. 500,000

The Handara Open Men Singles Champion: Rp. 1,000,000

The Handara Open Men Singles Runner-Up: Rp. 500,000

The Handara Open Women Singles Champion: Rp. 1,000,000

The Handara Open Women Singles Runner-Up: Rp. 500,000

& Raffle Prizes

Title Sponsor

Handara Golf & Resort

Tournament Committee

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62-812-3632177 Jimmy Roland

62-812-38328543 Shan Ramdas

62-819-99961299 Dmitry Shcherbakov


Annual Tennis Tournament in Bali which features a Team Competition in the style of Hopman Cup and Singles Draws for Men and Women in Amateur- and Open Level.

Handara Cup – Team Competition

1. Four (4) Teams in a Round Robin group. Each team plays the other three teams

2. With a maximum of 4 Round Robin Groups

3. Each session consists of a men’s and women’s singles match and a mixed doubles match.

4. Scoring: Men’s and women’s singles will be the best of three sets (Regular scoring), but if a third set is necessary it will be replaced by a standard 10-point (first to 10 by two) tiebreak.

5. Mixed doubles matches will be the best of three FAST4 Tennis sets. The new innovative format features four rules including play lets, no ad scoring, tiebreaker at three games all (first to five points) and first to four games wins (a set).

6. The order of matches are played in (women’s and men’s singles) will vary (e.g. sometimes the women’s singles will be played followed by the men’s singles and vice versa). The mixed doubles will always be the third match on.

7. Entry Deadline: 31.May 2018

8. Entry Fee is US$ 80/player which includes “Welcome Cocktail Party” on the first tournament day and “Dinner” at Prize Giving Party at the last day of the tournament.

It is not mandatory for players to stay at the Handara Golf & Resort but recommended.

For Players and Guests, following Accommodation packages are available at the Handara Golf & Resort: For Check-in Date 17.June, 2018

Full prepayment is required at least one (1) day prior to guest’s arrival. Without advance payment received upon the guest arrival, therefore the hotel will charge the guest directly at the hotel best available rates, or rates confirmed by the travel agent on personal account basis.

 Men & Women Singles Draw Elimination with Consolation

Amateur Level (NTRP 3.5-5.0) / Open Level (NTRP 5.0 -7.0)

1. Scoring: Matches are played best of three sets (no ad scoring!), but if a third set is necessary it will be replaced by a standard 10-point (first to 10 by two) tie break.

2. Seeding by NTRP rules

3. Players are required to register with the correct NTRP player level.  If a players registers with a lower NTRP level, he/she will risk disqualification.

4. Players who loose in   the first- and/or second round of the main draw qualify for the Consolation draw.

 General Rules for all Competitions

1. Proper tennis attire required. Non-marking shoes required. Shirts required.

2. Warm up 5 minutes. Strictly enforced.

3. Check-in at tournament desk required 15 min before match time. Early check-ins may be asked to play early. Any appeals will be decided by the tournament director/referee.

4. Rest Breaks: 20 seconds between points (not counting tracking down balls; 90 seconds on changeovers; 2 minutes between sets.

5. After completing a singles match a player is allowed up to 30 minutes before being required to play again. 15 minutes after a doubles match.

6. Consolation matches (except consolation finals) will be played 8-game proset (first to 8 games by two) with a standard 7-point tie break at 8-all in games.

7. Scheduling: Consolation matches will be scheduled as courts become available. Please check with the tournament desk for the consolation schedule. Referee may opt for following the draw or may create a new draw with all the consolation players.

8. Line Call Disputes: If disputes occur, you can request an Umpire from the tournament desk, though this is not a guarantee. Any Umpire assigned to a court will rule only calls that are questioned. The Umpire’s ruling is final.

9. Score Disputes: If players cannot agree on the score, resume play at the last point all players recall and agree. Or call for the Referee.

10. Spectators have no role in making line calls and should not be asked to do so.

For Golfers: A Special rate of US$ 50.00 /18-holes include green-fee and caddy fee is available

Accommodation Packages for Players & Guests