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Making correct calls is important in three scenarios!

Avoiding disputes and misunderstandings with correct non-verbal signals can alleviate a lot of misunderstanding and nip problems in the bud with quick and timely non verbal signals for opponents on the other side of the court.  These non verbal signals are not only reassuring for your opponent letting them know you appreciate their efforts with timely and fair calls but help you from having to make and audible call if you are fatigued, out of ear shot or don’t want to potential insult your opponent with an overenthusiastic “OUT” call.

Quick bullet points for the benefits of non-verbal line calls in recreational, league or tournament matches.

1.  Develop trust from your opponent showing your appreciate their effort with timely non verbal calls.

2.  If you have an extended rally and are tired, non verbal calls are an efficient alternative to verbal calls.

3.  Shouting enthusiastically, no matter how innocent may irritate your opponent.  Non verbal calls alleviate and potential heat of the moment misunderstanding.

by Brian Lutz

Fault ! ? You Can Not Be Serious

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Tennis training must incorporate strength and conditioning on a regular basis in order to develop

aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength and explosive power, speed and quickness and also flexibility.

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Was This How Tennis was Introduced? The Game of Kings: How Tennis Started. Some people believe that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans played …

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Modern tennis racquets vary in length, weight, and head size. 21" to 26" is normally

a junior's length, while 27" or 27.5" are for stronger and taller adult players. Weights of a racquet also vary between 8 ounces unstrung and 12.5 ounces unstrung.

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Great tennis footwork is the key to great tennis, which is a fact too many players overlook.

I see far too many coaches and club players concentrating -- and in fact wasting too much time and energy -- on one or two particular shots.

It doesn't matter how good the shot potentially is if you never get yourself into a good position to hit it.

Before you read on, just back up for a minute and think about this: What exactly happens when you play?

You hit a great return off a good wide serve by your opponent.

You are moving him all over the court when all of a sudden your opponent attacks by deciding to come to the net.

You attempt a passing shot, but he makes a volley into the opposite corner and you head off to play a stunning running single-handed backhand pass down the line that a certain Mr. Federer would be proud of.

Stop pumping your fist for a moment and let's go over what just happened. You have just hit the ball eight times, but what did you do for the majority of the point? Move!

You moved to the ball to hit every shot and you moved to recover after hitting every shot.  …read on

by Paul Gold /

Footwork: The Foundation for Success


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Connors ignited the tennis boom in the 1970's with his aggressive style of play, turning his matches with John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, and Ivan Lendl into prizefights. But it was his prolonged dedication to his craft that won him the public’s adoration. He capped off one of the most remarkable runs in tennis history at the age of 39 when he reached the semifinals of the 1991 U.S. Open, competing against players half his age.

More than just the story of a tennis champion, The Outsider is the uncensored account of Connors' life, from his complicated relationship with his formidable mother and his storybook romance with tennis legend Chris Evert, to his battles with gambling and fidelity that threatened to derail his career and his long-lasting marriage to Playboy playmate Patti McGuire.  

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The Open Era in tennis began in April 1968, when the Grand Slam tournaments agreed to allow professional players to compete with amateurs.


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