1. All entries must be received no later than, August 26th/4 P.M.

2. Entry Fee(s) must accompany all entry forms. No entry fee will be refunded after the draw.

3. Drawing of matches will be on August 30th,, 4 P.M. at the Prama Sanur Beach Bali Resort/Bamboo Bar & Lounge.

4. Draw sheet will be published on August 31st., on the tournament webpage and on the FB page.

5. Any player has or had a national or international ranking, and any player made or is making a living through tennis (ie. Coach, Hitting partner, etc) must enter in the OPEN DIVISION. Any Open Division Player entering a AMATEUR Event will be defaulted and will not get a refund.

6. All matches will be played using a modified scoring system:

a. From 1st round to QFs will be PRO SET 8. 7 point tiebreaker at 7 games, first to 7 points with margin of 2 points.

b. Semifinals to finals will be played BEST OF THREE SETS. A 3rd Set being played as Match Tie-Breaker, first to 10 points with margin of 2 points.

c. No-Ad Scoring. When the score is 40-40 the next point wins the game

7. Players must report to the tournament director or assistant 10 minutes prior to their scheduled match and will be subject to default if not ready to play within 10 minutes after the match is called.

8. Drinking Water is allowed to be brought to the tournament. It is NOT allowed to bring Alcoholic Drinks or Food to the Tennis Tournament. Food can be purchased and enjoyed at the designated area of the tournament.

9. All decisions by the Tournament Director are final.


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